Getting to Work

11 May

Here we are half way through week two and you are probably wondering: what exactly has Raven One been up to? We’ve been farming!

We’ve spent most of our days hunched over garden beds weeding, or filling wheel barrows with compost or mulch. We are proud to say we are making quite a bit of progress.

Tasha shoveling mulch for a garden path

Ellen and Kelsey pulling weeds from a garden bed

Tristan using the big boy wheelbarrow for weeding

Between weeding garden beds and mulching stuff, we occasionally get to clean out livestock stalls (shoveling poop of the pig or cow variety), or move refrigerators and freezers, or paint buildings.

We are also learning about sustainable farming. First of all, farming is pretty intensive. Like, super intensive. Second of all, we are seeing where our food comes from, and how complicated it is to run a working, productive farm.

We are thoroughly enjoying our time, and love seeing how much of a difference our work makes. It’s only been a week and half, but we’ve already accomplished a great deal. Raven One is pumped to keep working and see some of the big picture goals at the farm come together. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures!

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