Mind Explosion!

19 May

As you all know, AmeriCorps NCCC is a chance for us to learn and develop skills. And you might think Martha’s Vineyard is just a sweet vacation spot for the wealthy and occasionally famous, but really we are learning tons of things.

For example…

  • Learning chickens are processed
  • Learning and developing [new] carpentry skills
  • Learning about gardening–how to grow ginger, how to weed, how to install a pea trellis and so much more!
Planting tomatoes
  • Learning about organic practices and developing local food markets
  • Learning how a chicken coop is constructed… and constructing the coop
  • Learning how to herd goats, sheep, and cow
  • Learning how farm animals are cared for (like getting shots and stuff)

Herding a strange-looking sheep
  • Learning about how to properly run a compost pile
  • Learning about marine life during a beach clean up (holy crow, do horseshoe crabs get big!)
  • Learning the limitations of island life (no Walmart! What?!)
And the best part is… it is only week three! We have five more weeks of hands on, grit-in-your-teeth learning to do!
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