Some Perks of Disaster Relief

16 Jun

 Hello faithful Raven One followers! Although our work is often very physically difficult, it’s been great. Plus, we’ve gotten to use a lot of great tools.

For example, the power washer: a gasoline powered hose that could cut your foot off with the right (or wrong) nozzel. The power washer is used to bast crusted-on mud off basement walls and floors so basements can be properly sanitized.

Brandon (from Moose 7/ RaOose 17) power washing a basementEric testing out the power washer gun

Also, the wet vac, or wet to dry vacuum cleaner. It’s a shop vac with the filter removed, and it vacuums water and mud. Perhaps the coolest vacuum ever made.

KJ vacuuming mud like a champWet vacs also can be used like a super-powerful regular vacuum, as demonstrated here by Ellie

And don’t forget a good old fashion shovel and bucket for basic mud removal. Best used when combined with a fire line of Corps members passing 20 pound buckets from basement to curbside.

Shoveling mud
Nothing beats team work and fire lines of muddy buckets

Most of all, we’ve truely enjoyed our time working with Moose Seven, and we have dubbed our new super team of basement busters RaOose 17. Mudding Out basements all over downtown Barre.

In other news. on Sunday the shelter we’ve been living in will close and RaOose 17 is moving north to Burlington. We will  continue to help Vermonters recover from the flooding until the end of Round 2, which is June 25th for those of you who don’t live by the AmeriCalender.
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