Round Three Reveal!!!

5 Jul

Maybe you’ve been laying awake at night wondering where Raven One is heading next. The Atlantic Region is full of so many opportunities… so it’s hard to really guess.

Maybe you’ve been pestering your favorite Raven Oner for details, and probably your contact has given you the details already. However, for those of you still on pins and needles waiting for the big reveal…

Raven One will be working with Groundwork Somerville, just outside Boston, MA, pulling invasive water chestnuts from the Mystic River.

Last round, Raven Four worked with Groundwork Somerville and had a blast rowing on the Mystic and harvesting the meddlesome water chestnuts. They were kind enough to share these photos from their time on the Mystic, offering us a sneak peek of round three.

Dan from Raven 4 pulling water chestnuts

Raven 4 Team Leader, Amelia, dominating water chestnuts

Raven Four sporting sweet life vests and gearing up for a productive day on the Mystic

It’s hard to believe our year of service is already half over! Stay tuned for details of our Mystic adventures!

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