Round 3 Update: Swampers, Sawyers and Tennessee

16 Jul

Once upon a time, Raven One was scheduled to drive north to Somerville to pull invasive species from the Mystic River from canoes and kayaks. However, due to unforeseen events, Raven One is going to be sent down to Tennessee for a chainsaw disaster mission. We will be working with the Greene County Emergency Management Agency to help the tornado-hit area recover.

This week we’ve been working with Delaware State Parks helping out with park maintenance and training to use and care for chainsaws.

Raven 1 after a few hard, hot sweaty hours of raking leaves at Fort Dupont State Park

We all got back-from-break blisters. Man, if feels good to be doing AmeriWork again!

Don’t be fooled by the footage of those champion Sawyers who can fell and buck (cut down and chop up) a tree in mere minutes. Chain-sawing is hard work! Those suckers get heavy and they’re super scary. There’s nothing better than hoisting a chainsaw up to a tree and not being able to get the image of the saw kicking back and accidently slicing your neck open.

Just kidding. It’s not that bad. Plus we spent the majority of our day learning about safety and then practicing safety precautions throughout the day.

Learning to safely start chainsaws and practicing taking the chain break on and off.

The best part is, chainsawing is really fun. Once you get over the possibility of cutting off extremities, that is.

Ryan limbs a tree.

Raven 1, ready for our chainsaw disaster mission! Greene County, TN, here we come!

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