The Perks of Chainsawing

20 Jul

So, Raven One has pretty much decided that chainsaws are awesome. Over the past three days, with the guidance of Bradley, the Moose Unit STL (Support Team Leader), we’ve grown more comfortable and more skilled with the saws. We’ve also gotten better at troubleshooting all the little unexpected glitches throughout the work day.

Raven One getting things done in Tennessee... with chainsaws

Aside from the pure joy of running a chainsaw until near exhaustion (Just kidding! We switch off regularly to avoid exhaustion while operating a saw!), there are other perks of being in Tennessee.

1. Sweating so much (through your pants!) you don’t have to pee

2. Tennessee is magical:

Probably the most beautiful place Raven One has been

3. Are all the dogs friendly? We’ve hung out with Tennesseean dogs every day so far!

4. We all have our own rooms (for now) while living in the Carson Newman College dorms in Jefferson City.

5. People in Tennessee are super friendly, and we love it!

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