Where in the World?

19 Aug

If we haven’t been in Tennessee cutting fallen trees, sweating through our pants and catching giant grasshoppers, what has Raven One been doing this week?

We’ve been refurbishing a stage, or “band shell” as the locals call it, in Bellevue State Park, in Wilmington, Delaware. We’ve been working with Parks staff to rip up old wood planks and lay down new pressure treated planks.

Our project was made possible by ING Direct’s “Orange Days of Service,” which donated the funds for the project as well as between 150 – 200 volunteers on Wednesday, August 17th. We had a blast working with the sea of orange shirted volunteers. Sometimes, we taught ING volunteers how to lay and set boards and other times, ING volunteers taught us their own tricks for making “field measurements.”

We learned a little about working with large volunteer groups, a first time experience for Raven One, and a lot about building stages. We’re still working on finishing the stage, but we’re nearly there. Steve and Vinnie have been really patient as we are learning the process and techniques to refurbish the band stage.

Even though this is the third time we’re working with Delaware State Parks, we have a completely different project.

Oh yeah, and on Wednesday, we got to ride in a hot air balloon. A first time for everyone!

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