Raven One all over the place…

8 Sep

The last time you heard from us, we were gearing up for fall break and then two months in Charm City working with The Loading Docks. And then Irene stormed up the eastern seaboard, causing massive flooding and millions of dollars of damage. Maybe billions.

The better half of Raven One generously forfeited their fall break to immediately respond to the Irene damage. Kevin, Tasha, Tristan and Eric left immediately for New Jersey and they are working around the state in American Red Cross shelters.

The remaining half of Raven One, Kelsey, Ryan, Ellen, and Marcus were split between Raven teams Two and Four. Ellen and Marcus headed north to Staten Island with Raven Two to camp, of all things, and work with NYS Department of Environmental Conservation blazing trails in the Greenbelt. Ryan and Kelsey headed south to Annapolis to work with Raven 4 building a ropes course at the YMCA.

And of course, Maddy headed south on fire composite to work in the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia.

Although Raven One is currently spread all across the Atlantic Region, we’re all working hard to make a difference in the communities we are serving.

With heavy rains continuing to fall all over the northeast, and widespread severe flooding, nothing is certain for the rest of round four. Hopefully Raven One will be reunited before graduation. Stay tuned for more details!

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