AmeriCorps National Civilian and Community Corps (NCCC) is a unique residential service program for 18 to 24 year olds. AmeriCorps NCCC has five campuses, serving all 50 states and US territories. Raven One is part of the Atlantic Region which serves from Maine to DC and Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

The Atlantic Region is headquartered in Perryville, Maryland at the Perry Point Vetrans’ Affairs (VA) Medical Center. Housing on the Point varies based on unit, and Corps members are either housed in a dorm or in houses. Class XVII has three units with seven teams each, which means there are just over 210 corps members.  Corps members are broken into three units for organizational purposes. The three units are Raven (the oldest and perhaps best), Buffalo, and Moose. Raven One lives in the dorms.

Each class is broken into different rounds. The number of rounds varies from region to region, but the Atlantic Region has four rounds. Each round is six to eight weeks long. Generally, a team works with one organization during a round, working on a specific project. However, split rounds are not uncommon, where a team works with two or three organizations, doing smaller projects, during a round.

Teams go on “spike” when their project is more than an hour away from the Point. All this means in the project sponsor, the organization the team is working for, provides reasonable housing for the team. Since the Atlantic Region is quite large, most projects mean living in spike housing.

AmeriCorps NCCC carefully selects projects for teams, but there are certain areas targeted by the Atlantic Region. The Atlantic Region’s three target cities are Washington, DC, Baltimore and Camden, NJ. The target areas are urban and rural development, infrastructure improvement, environmental stewardship and engery conservation.

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