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Graduation and Beyond!

21 Nov

Round 4 certainly was a whirlwind! We started out separated, and even after our reunion, we were still not all together. Maddy was off on her wild fire composite and Ellen got called on disaster in Pennsylvania with a composite team. Meanwhile, the rest of the team headed to Baltimore to represent Raven 1 and AmeriCorps NCCC with our round 4 scheduled sponsor, The Loading Dock.

Raven One worked hard to organized the overstock warehouse and help The Loading Dock better display their wares. It was physically demanding work, and at times it was tedious, but Raven One powered through and helped get a heck of a lot done. The team enjoyed their stay in Baltimore as well.

Before we knew it, we were all back at the point with the entire Corps closing out the year. It was a trying and emotional year, and saying goodbye was not easy. We are all proud to have graduated from Class XVII and we are looking forward to our next steps, be it going back to school or searching for a job.

If you have come to this site to learn more about AmeriCorps NCCC, I hope this site gives you some insight into life on a team. Please keep in mind that everyone has a unique experience in this program, and you will meet people who are very different from you and who are not so different after all. This program offers a lot of opportunities, and it will push you in ways you can’t even imagine until you are there wearing the shirt and the pants and boots riding in a 15 passenger government van. I honestly believe that no matter your experience, this program will definitely surprise you with what you can accomplish, overcome and withstand. To apply, visit


Raven One all over the place…

8 Sep

The last time you heard from us, we were gearing up for fall break and then two months in Charm City working with The Loading Docks. And then Irene stormed up the eastern seaboard, causing massive flooding and millions of dollars of damage. Maybe billions.

The better half of Raven One generously forfeited their fall break to immediately respond to the Irene damage. Kevin, Tasha, Tristan and Eric left immediately for New Jersey and they are working around the state in American Red Cross shelters.

The remaining half of Raven One, Kelsey, Ryan, Ellen, and Marcus were split between Raven teams Two and Four. Ellen and Marcus headed north to Staten Island with Raven Two to camp, of all things, and work with NYS Department of Environmental Conservation blazing trails in the Greenbelt. Ryan and Kelsey headed south to Annapolis to work with Raven 4 building a ropes course at the YMCA.

And of course, Maddy headed south on fire composite to work in the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia.

Although Raven One is currently spread all across the Atlantic Region, we’re all working hard to make a difference in the communities we are serving.

With heavy rains continuing to fall all over the northeast, and widespread severe flooding, nothing is certain for the rest of round four. Hopefully Raven One will be reunited before graduation. Stay tuned for more details!

Forward to Fourth Round!

29 Aug

Where in the world is Raven One going for fourth round? Well, we’re going to Baltimore! So now you can sleep at night again.

We’re working with the Loading Dock for the next 8 weeks. Of course, with Irene having just ripped up the coast, the probability of another disaster mission is pretty dang high. So stay flexible, Raven One fans.

Sadly for us (happily for her), Maddy is off to fight fires someplace, but we do have our Tristy Pants back. Here’s for another great round!

What will we do without Maddy's extra hard work? We'll just have to rally, I guess.