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Wrapping up in Delaware

24 Aug

Round three is coming to close and what a round it’s been. The chainsaws, the sweat, the grasshoppers, the mountains, the memories!

We’ve spent the past two days  painting lockers at the Boys and Girls Club in Wilmington. It’s been a treat updating the locker rooms and we even got to meet the first lady of Delaware, who is the Governor’s wife.

It’s always nice to have projects that involve a clear, visible change from dark, gloomy, and rusty…

… to fresh and bright. And now the lockers match the floor tiles!

Tomorrow we’ll be heading to a different Boys and Girls Club to help them prepare classrooms. And by Friday we’ll be back at the point, reunited with all the Ravens and Buffalos and Mooses, and mostly our Tristy Pants.

Stay tuned for round 4 news!


Where in the World?

19 Aug

If we haven’t been in Tennessee cutting fallen trees, sweating through our pants and catching giant grasshoppers, what has Raven One been doing this week?

We’ve been refurbishing a stage, or “band shell” as the locals call it, in Bellevue State Park, in Wilmington, Delaware. We’ve been working with Parks staff to rip up old wood planks and lay down new pressure treated planks.

Our project was made possible by ING Direct’s “Orange Days of Service,” which donated the funds for the project as well as between 150 – 200 volunteers on Wednesday, August 17th. We had a blast working with the sea of orange shirted volunteers. Sometimes, we taught ING volunteers how to lay and set boards and other times, ING volunteers taught us their own tricks for making “field measurements.”

We learned a little about working with large volunteer groups, a first time experience for Raven One, and a lot about building stages. We’re still working on finishing the stage, but we’re nearly there. Steve and Vinnie have been really patient as we are learning the process and techniques to refurbish the band stage.

Even though this is the third time we’re working with Delaware State Parks, we have a completely different project.

Oh yeah, and on Wednesday, we got to ride in a hot air balloon. A first time for everyone!

Leaving Tennessee

11 Aug

Tonight is our last night staying at the Reformation Lutheran Church in downtown Greeneville and today was our last day of cutting. It’s been four hot, sweaty, hard weeks here in Tennessee and we are proud of the work we’ve done. We’ve worked at 12 different houses and cut up countless (or at least a lot more than 12) trees. We’ve created giant brush piles and stacks and stacks of fire wood.

Even though we’ve been working super hard and sweating through our pants daily, there have been a lot of good times.


We’re definitely going to miss Tennessee, but we are looking forward to our next adventure.

Making the news!

8 Aug

Check out our article in the local newspaper, the Greeneville Sun!

Limbing Large!

3 Aug

… Or living large in TN and doing some awesome work with chainsaws. Check out our latest video!

There’s more where that came from!

Having Fun with Independent Service Projects (ISPs!)

31 Jul

As some of you may know, part of our 1700 required hours to graduate from AmeriCorps NCCC have to be set up and planned by the teams. Every team has one or two team members who are trained to look up and plan small (1 day) service projects for members of the team. For us, Kelsey and Eric do a lot of leg work setting up ISPs.

We’ve done a lot of ISP hours thus far, and we’ve done some pretty awesome stuff. So far we’ve had the opportunity to work with three fantastic organizations so far.

First, we ventured into Knoxville on our first day off to volunteer at the Fish Hospitality Pantry. We helped out in the food warehouse labeling cans, we helped bag and hand out fresh corn on the cob, and most of all we met some awesome people!

Afterwards, we explored Knoxville and had a great lunch and did some high quality team bonding!

Then, on a rainy monday with spent the day with the fantastic children at the Jefferson County Boys and Girls Club. After hours of hide and seek, carpet ball, and card games we felt nearly as tired as a day of chainsaw work!

And this past weekend, we headed over to the Jefferson County Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store to help clean, dust and build shelves.

We’ve absolutely loved our time in Jefferson City, living at the fabulous Carson Newman College dorms, but alas our time here is done. We are moving to Greeneville where we will be staying in a church community room and we will be much, much closer to our work. Even though we don’t all get our own rooms (what a luxury!) we will be able to sleep in!



Bye-Bye Bradley!

23 Jul

Today, Bradley leaves us. Bradley has been helping us troubleshoot all the problems we’ve had with the saws over the week and more importantly, he’s been helping us hone our chainsaw skills. It’s been fantastic to have Bradley here helping us out, and we’re definitely going to miss him!

Thanks for everything Brad! Keep it real, and remember, you’re a Raven One now!