Camp Highroad | Middleburg, Virginia

Raven One takes on the Camp Highroad challenge course

Camp Highroad is a Christian adventure camp offering summer and winter programming for children and it serves as a retreat site for numerous non-profit organizations of all faiths. At Camp Highroad, Raven One, along with Buffalo Five and Moose Seven, helped by harvesting lumber from a collapsed barn, managing erosion by installing water bars on hillside paths, and cleaned the challenge course after a particularly hard winter.


ROUND ONE [3/14/2011 to 4/22/2011]

Delaware State Parks | Newark, Delaware

Auburn Heights Preserve

The Auburn Heights Preserve Mansion

Auburn Heights Preserve is an estate recently donated to the state of Delaware, and one day it will be a full-fledged state park. The site is composed of two museums, the Victorian era mansion, and the Steam Car Museum. The state plans to develop a paper mill museum for the site as well. Raven One helped sustain and further develop the site’s positive reputation through landscaping and preservation of historical documents. We also helped clear out a building marked for demolition because it is in a flood plain.

White Clay Creek Park

Raven One outside the Judge Morrison House in White Clay Creek Park

At White Clay Creek Park, Raven One helped with winter storm recovery by cleaning up fallen branches and exploded trees and trimming back bushes and vines. We also removed rouge cattails from a pond used to teach a fishing class for children with disabilities.

 Fort Delaware

Raven One spent one day at Fort Delaware helping the staff prepare the site for season. Raven One cleaned rooms and staged props. And we polished the cannons!

VA Medical Center | Perry Point, Maryland

Scraping loose paint from a building to prepare it for a fresh coat of paint

The last four weeks of round one have been spent on our home base, the VA Medical Center in Perry Point, Maryland. We are working with the engineering team to help update the campus. We helped organize and clear out a storage barn, and sanded and painted hand rails leading into the many hospitals on site. We also helped maintain a high standard of safety inside the buildings by conducting safety inspections. Our work is important because it makes Perry Point a more beautiful and safe campus for everyone. It is also very exciting and a great honor to meet and get to know the veterans who we share a home with and have done so much to serve our nation.

ROUND TWO [4/30/2011 – 6/25/2011]

Stone Soup Leadership Institute | Vineyard Haven, MA

Raven One in Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard with Raven Unit's trusty mascot, Edgar

We will be working closely with the Stone Soup Leadership Initiative to develop educational tools and a youth leadership conference on sustainable island development. The majority of our day to day work will be helping with sustainable development programs around the island. Basically, we will be farming, with the occasional day spent fixing a boat used for educational programs on the Vineyard. Also, we will be renovating our spike housing so it can be used for educational programs.

Disaster Relief Mission | Vermont

We will be working with the United Methodist Church and Southern Baptists to gut and muck homes damaged during flash flooding in Barre, VT as well as in the Burlington area. We will work with another AmeriCorps team, Moose 7.

ROUND THREE [July 13 – August 25]

Chainsaw Disaster Mission | Greene County, TN

We will be working with the Greene County Emergency Management Agency to help clear debris from the April 27/28 tornado outbreak. We will be spending the majority of our time clearing fallen brush and trees with chainsaws.

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